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Food Porn

Food porn. You know you want some. It’s springtime…that feeling is in the air. You know the feeling. The smell of fresh grass being cut for the first time. Flowers blooming and veggies starting. The want for comfort chilis and soups are  fading like a distant memory. You want to hear the crisp pop of a snap pea. You want to run your finger over the condensation on a fresh fruit smoothie glass. The time for bright colours and cool, refreshing snacks are upon us.

I really enjoy the fact that I’m sitting in Starbucks writing this, and the title of this post is sticking out like a sore thumb to those who walk by. (FOOD) PORNITY PORN PORN PORN. Sorry, mom.

This is a fairly small post, and a simple one at that. This recipe is easy, filling and husband approved.


– 1lb of extra lean ground beef (96/4)
– mini peppers
– grape tomatoes
– white onion
– garlic
– seasoning salt
– herbs and spices of your choice ( I made a taco seasoning from scratch – you can use a pre packaged one if you need to)
– cheese of your choice (I use 2% milk fat cheese and it doesn’t melt very well)

I started off by washing my mini peppers as you can see by the delicious photo above. You always want to make sure you wash your produce. I’m not your mother so I shouldn’t have to tell you this. Just in case you were never told – wash your damn produce. Now you know. NO EXCUSES. I did not halve the  peppers, rather I cut out a sliver on the side to make a mini boat. Don’t fret about the slivers being wasted because you are going to add that in your beef mix later on!

Crumble the beef with seasoning and cook it thoroughly on the stove. I rinse my ground beef after cooking to get rid of a bit more fat but you can leave it in if you want a dish with fuller flavour. Add in the veggies and saute them with the beef. I added WAYYYYYYY too much seasoning salt so my dish by accident. Be sure to taste as you season because our mouths were burning after dinner. I made a boo boo. It happens.

Lay your little mini pepper boats out on a baking pan and preheat the oven to 350. This would be a perfect dish to throw on the grill – but unfortunately we are not allowed to have a BBQ at the complex we live in. It’s a shame, I know. My stepdad has an amazing BBQ back home and I must say I miss his summer hamburgers!

After your meat and veggies are cooked to satisfaction fill the boats and top with cheese. Place them in the oven for 10ish minutes. Watch for the cheese to melt! I used 2% milk cheese so it gets crispy rather than melty. the photo below is a before and after – and as you can see with low-fat cheese there is not much of a difference 😉 I wanted tacos so bad and this was my healthy low-fat protein/veggie packed alternative. Enjoy!

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