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Wintah’s Heah!

Yes. Yes, I totally did just put this blog title in a Brooklyn accent. I have to do SOMETHING to amuse myself at least… thrice a day!

Well folks, winter is finally here on the East coast. South East Coast to be exact. I’m sure old man winter has already hit my Canuck friends on the East. It’s not terribly cold out now – I mean, come on,  it’s still 7C.  We were hit with some icy weather over the weekend that sent the entire state in a frenzy. This was an opportune time to snap a few chilly photos of the things that I’ve been missing. I get kind of nostalgic when I see beautiful winterscapes, so when the husband and I left our warm home to run some errands,  I discovered the branches covered in ice! I told my husband to turn around, go back inside and wait 10 minutes. His eyes lit up with glee because he interpreted it: “Hon, go back inside out of the cold and GO play 10 minutes of Team Fortress 2!” Yipee! We had places to go – but I needed just 10 minutes of winter solitude.

“Forgive yourself, because I took pictures of all the things that you’ve been missing. Now you won’t feel so bad” – The Hush Sound

Okay, nostalgia over.

Now bring back the colours of summer and strawberry daiquiris by the pool! The grey glum can take a back seat, now! If crying and begging the frigid winter air and thick, prison grey clouds to disperse doesn’t work, bring some colour in yourself! What better way to do so than by making yourself an antioxidant, vitamin packed smoothie! hur hur hur. Segway…

No matter what the bearded Swedes tell you, smoothies don’t ALWAYS have to have bananas in them.

Introducing … the Stoplight Smoothie!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! It’s fairly straight forward and pretty much an all inclusive smoothie.
Green for when life is go go go.
Yellow to remind you to slow your roll and enjoy yourself.
Red for those times you just need to STOP! and take a breather in life.
The colours are not only stunning relief on a grey day, but sipping it through a straw layer by layer is like – a healthy liquid jawbreaker? Once one flavour stops, a new one begins!

-1 Kiwi
-1 cup spinach
-2 tbs of pure orange mango juice

1 cup total before blending
– Frozen Mango
-Frozen peaches
-Frozen Pineapple
-2 tbs of pure orange mango juice

1 cup total before blending
-Frozen strawberry
-Frozen grapes
-2 tbs pure orange mango juice

Blend it layer by layer. Pour over a spoon to reduce mixing. ENJOY!

I hope that brings some colour to your winter blues ❤

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