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The Tricks of My Treats

Things are busy for me lately. Obnoxiously busy. Busy in a way where it’s much work with little payoff.  It’s frustrating, but very much needed and I can’t complain too much (but I will).  I worked open to close at the studio for 2 days in a row which included through Halloween and the day after. My husband and I tried to celebrate late in the evening by getting bags and bags of candy (not even discount price I might add) and watching Van Helsing. 15 minutes in and a few pieces of candy later and we were fast asleep.  A week later and I’m still munching on fun sized goodies… I’m eating salads everyday so that totally makes up for it, right? RIGHT?!

I missed Halloween by a week, but I thought I would post a tricky treat that I make every so often. This is a modified version of many out there. I like this version, but your own tastes may vary. My husband doesn’t like it at all because he is not crazy over dark chocolate.

Puddin’! Made from 100% cacao, a banana, honey and one secret ingredient. Those of you on my facebook or G+ already know the ingredient because I squawked about it forever. Put all your ingredients in the blender and bleeeeeeeeeeeeeend! That’s all there is to it.  Other than trying to get all the delicious goodness out of the blender, which from the photo below you can see I got a little overzealous about.


Yeah…. the blender is deep and I was adamant on getting all the chocolately yums out. After all this is a ridiculously healthy take on a dessert. You will have to tweak the ingredients to your own taste, and the amounts used of each. I won’t lie I totally eyeballed it.

Start with (then build up according to taste) :

-1 Banana
-1/4th cup of 100% pure honey
-1/4th cup of 100% unsweetened cacao powder
-dash of cinnamon

Oh, right… I should probably mention the secret ingredient :

-1 avocado

The tricks of my treats, indeed! *witch cackle*

It really does take some tweaking to get it to taste the way you want. For instance I probably end up using about a cup of cacao because I like it super dark and thick like an icing. I think I prefer it without the banana. That kinda threw the taste off for me. I have no idea how long it lasts in the fridge, because working with 2 items that, when in contact with air turn brown – then mixed with something brown is a little hard to tell if it’s gone bad. I sealed it up and ate it a few days later and it was fine. I won’t lie and tell you it tastes exactly like pudding, because you can tell something is different. But it still tastes really good! And it’s super healthy for you. It would be a fantastic alternative for kids and it’s a great treat when you are having a super chocolate craving but trying not to eat unhealthy. Loaded with healthy fats and nutrients!

It’s, you know, much healthier than reaching your hand into this for the second week in a row thinking, ” just one” and “just one more”. Then leaving a guilty trail of wrappers to the garbage can.


Happy (late) Halloween!

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