Oh Hai.

Oh hai.
My name is CANUCKASAURUSREX! If you read that last part as if I was screaming it while flailing my tiny rex arms about, you are probably in the right place.

I am a West Coast Canadian transplant to the East Coast of the USA. That’s what happens when you fall in love with a big, American man. I have been down here almost a year and let me tell you it has been a hard, wild and crazy ride. There are so many things I miss from back home – but I am most excited to begin a wonderful adventure with my brand spankin’ new husband. (I kinda have a crush on him, shhhh!)

I travel. I cook. I have thoughts. I make crafty doodly-do’s. But most importantly I document it all because I am a photographer.
My blog is about life and love and all the beautiful things in between. I hope you enjoy and stay a while.



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