There’s Been A Terrible Eggcident.

Yesterday was a day of firsts. All were things I never want to have second experiences with.  I started off my Thursday the way I spend any ol’ Thursday. Recapping how tacky last nights Top Model was and making myself some coffee, eventually remembering I should eat something. So I pursued the goods in the fridge, having just gone grocery shopping, and settled on making a batch of hard-boiled eggs. I have heard many ways of making the “perfect hard-boiled egg”, but I don’t pay attention to them anymore. My way has always worked, always been tasty and has always left me licking my fingers afterwards. I never mind the farty smell of hardboiled eggs. It’s apparently the sulphur in them vs the way they are cooked. I have tried all the methods to rid the farty ghosts from their shells but none have worked. Really, growing up near hot springs and sulphur pits, an itty bitty egg does not frighten me.

I placed the eggs in the near boiling water like I always have and walked away. Soon after I heard a POP! and came back to find a terrible, horrific, ghastly scene! A massacre of albumen and yolk lay before me. One of my eggs had committed suicide. Or perhaps one of the other eggs had a longstanding grudge against him (I assume it was a he) and decided he would egg-stract him from his safe outer shell. Okay, I might be acting a little dramatic and egg-streme, but I had never experienced an egg-splosion like this while making hardboiled eggs. I was stunned at the mess that lay before me. Needless to say I was not egg-static about this eggs-traordinary occurence.

Okay, I will stop with the egg puns now…I can feel that facepalming through the internet. I fished the poor guy out of the water, took his shell off and pat him dry. Now, for some of you this may not be interesting at all because it sort of, kind of, maybe resembles a poached egg. Can I confess something to you? I have never had, nor made a poached egg. No, I have never had eggs benedict. Ever. Don’t you gasp at me… I order sunny side up every time.  Eggs benedict has always looked like some gooey, Easter-pastel coloured dish! I will admit, I am very interested in trying it, especially now that I’ve had my near-poached experience. I’ll tell you what, next time I’m at a restaurant for brunch, I will try it. I’m open to suggestions of places that make a great eggs benny.  I don’t expect I will be out for a restaurant dinner anytime soon though as moths fly from my wallet, so you will have to wait a little while for my review!

That’s all yolks.


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