Kale Chips

So, I must be years behind on the internet because I just discovered Kale Chips. Apparently, they are a thing that once discovered will be all you can talk about for weeks. It seems a bazillion blog posts were made about them in a short amount of time. They were the new fad! I… missed out. Until of course I came across this Kale Chip Recipe . Boy, am I ever thankful I did. I have had previous experience with kale. I’ve tried putting it in smoothies and eating it raw. I didn’t dislike it, but as a green leafy vegetable it never wowed me. Kale chips… now those wow me.

I love snacking. Salty and crunchy – that’s my Achilles heel. We don’t keep any bad foods in the house, and even doubly so that goes for snack foods. Because I will devour them. In one sitting. A box of Cheez-Its and me is like the ultimate showdown – and I always win. Or lose… depends on how you look at it and what part of my body it ends up going to. Funny enough, I didn’t even pick up a box of Cheez-Its until I came to America. Now they are my new favourite thing. We don’t deny ourselves all snacking/bad foods. On Sundays the husband and I have our “Picnic” which started when we first began dating. Me, being from Canada and him from America there were times we were forced to be apart for months. So we would pick up some type of (indulgent) meal on Sunday nights and eat them over webcam together. This tradition has been carried out every Sunday for just over 3 years, even when we were no longer a world apart. Anyways, during the week I get hard-core snack cravings since we don’t eat “bad foods” until Sunday. It’s not like I used to snack incessantly before, but it’s a want what you can’t have type deal. I needed to find healthy, crunchy alternatives to my beloved Cheez-its!

Enter: The Kale Chip

(you can click the images for the full size goodness)

Wash your kale (I used a pot because my strainer was in the wash), then pat your kale dry. I don’t hesitate to squeeze it because it is one tough leaf.  I used a bag of pre cut kale because it was on sale but I usually get the bunches. I got a whale of kale on sale (Hehe… okay I’m done now). Cut off the hard stems if you bought a bunch that was not yet cut, or have any stragglers in your precut pile and discard them.  If you are making kale chips and you want the appearance to be neater, get the fresh bunches vs the precut. Like I said this batch was from precut so it’s not as pretty as it could be. You can control the size and somewhat the shape of your chips by getting the bunches.

Of course for this recipe I don’t really measure anything properly. I want to make your lives difficult, you see!  My not-so-scientific measurements are as follows:

– A medium-sized pot full of kale
– A small capful of extra virgin olive oil
– a pinch of sea salt

There you have it. The magic! I pour the capful of oil over the kale and toss it around with (freshly washed) hands. You can see when you’ve missed a spot because it has a light white film over the green. I just massage the oil into the spots I missed while tossing it. If you follow the link I posted above they do give you a recipe to follow. I found their recipe to be way too oily, and a little too salty. Even they say to watch out for it because it’s easy to over do. The capful I use is about 1/2 tbsp. Lay out all your kale on some tinfoil or parchment paper and place in the oven at 350degrees for 15 minutes. Be aware that you should lay the kale out so they are not overlapping. This helps them cook evenly and you won’t end up with any soggy bits. Be aware that they SHRINK! So a little salt goes a long way.

When I first bit into the kale chip I didn’t know what to expect. I let the “chip” sit on my tongue a moment before crunching it. OI! This thing HAS A CRUNCH! It sounds like a thousand gnomes walking on fresh snow in my mouth! And the taste! The taste is phenomenal. It’s a smokey, earthy flavour that is only enhanced by the saltiness of it. I’m in love with kale chips. Everyone knows it from the amount I’ve talked about and suggested them since discovering the recipe. I have found a healthy snack that fulfils my crunchy + salty desires during the 6 days a week I can’t fulfil them with cheesy saturated fats and refined flours. Thank God for that!

See! Look how much they shrink! They turn into these cute little things. The big question is do I  pretend I’m a dinosaur while eating them? Of course I do. I’m the Canuckasaurusrex, damnit.

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2 thoughts on “Kale Chips

  1. JimBob of the great white north says:

    Kale Sucks! If it’s sooo awesome where can i purchase a bag, not at the sev that’s for sure.

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