Tornado Potatoes

I love going to carnivals and fairs. I love the lights. I love watching people play the games (I’d rather save my money and live vicariously through the rich). I love the music from around the world. I love perusing the different vendors and see what kind of tacky, useless trinkets I just you know, HAVE to have but never get around to buying. But most of all I love the awful, fatty, DELICIOUS deep fried goodies. Yes, I skip the games, skip the trinkets and spend all my cash on the food. Hey, it’s only once a year, right?

tornado potato

Well, a couple of years ago I saw someone walking around with a deep-fried beauty on a stick. The Tornado Potato. It was a swirl of potato-y goodness on a skewer as long as ones arm.  I didn’t get one myself but I did stop them and ask to get a photo. I instead bought deep-fried jelly beans and deep-fried Oreos. Neither of those were very good but hey, at least now I can say I’ve tried them. I’ve even had my very first funnel cake at a carnival the husband took me to (thanks America! it was tasty!). One day I want to try an official Tornado Potato, but I thought I would try a healthier version at home.

Enter: The Tornado Potato Version 2.0!

The Tornado Potato

I used my Pinzon apple and potato core/peeler/slicer that I had received as a wedding gift. I love this thing! It’s candy apple red, small and efficient! I don’t know why they advertise it as a potato slicer though, because there is no way to take off the coring feature (that I have figured out yet. I may be herpdederp, though).  I started off by sliding the potato on the prongs and setting up the blades. Turn the lever to make the base suction to the counter top and begin to turn the handle to start the peeling and slicing. Then huzzah! You get a perfect slinky of a potato! Unfortunately, like I said, I have no idea how to take off the coring feature so I was left with a big ol hole in the middle. This meant the skewer had to go in the side of the potato versus the middle.

Tornado Potato

I put the two spiraled potatoes on some tinfoil,  brushed it with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled sea salt on them. The cores I had left over I sliced in small discs and did the same. One thing I like about the eastern USA – Wegmans. It is this gourmet grocery store where you can find regular items and also those items that you can usually only find at specialty stores. Lots of fresh produce, organics, specialty deli cheeses, fresh seafood etc. They also have food bars. Wine, oysters, chicken, pizza, greek.. the list could go on. It really is a pretty store. It’s not all that expensive either if you stick to your regular shopping list. Unless of course your shopping list consists of black truffles and a wheel of imported cheese. If it is, can we be friends?  I find their store brands fresher and cheaper than most name brands, so I have no qualms buying them while shopping.

I placed the Tornado Potatoes in the oven at 400degrees. It took about 50 minutes to cook in total. I had some problems since the skewer was only on one side. The potato itself kinda flopped over while cooking. I tried turning it a few times which resulted in a little more even cooking on the outside. I handed the finished product to the husband who oooed and awwwd over it, then immediately proceeded to take it off the stick, pour ketchup on it and eat it. Well, food on a stick might be lost on some, but I had fun ripping it off layer by layer. The husband’s final consensus was “meh” as he didn’t like how the outside was crispy and the insides were not. Something about the texture that was off-putting to him. I love burned and crispy foods (I know, I’m weird and gross), so I really enjoyed it. The very middle of mine though still had a bit of undercooked potato on it. I’m thinking if I attempt this again to do it at a lower heat for longer. However, I don’t think I would do this for just the two of us again as a dinner side, rather I’d do this for some type of  gathering or BBQ.  I am still trying to get used to cooking in humidity. I come from a wonderfully dry land where your hair and nails are forever brittle but your food evenly cooked. Down here there is a lot of temperature vs humidity vs cooking time to be balanced. I’m learning… I hope. ^.^

Tornado Potato

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